Topics Bot

A bot that can determine what has been discussed in a chat using its keywords


An idea is following: you add a bot to the chat, it starts collecting word frequency statistics from messages and then it will be able to generate list of topics that were discussed. Just imagine, you open Telegram, see 1000+ unread messages at some chat, but you don't want to read it all. Then you just use command /topics and see what has been discussed today.


It has three basic commands that allow you:
- to see today topics in the chat
- to add own topic
- to see topics that were discussed in Telegram today


You can see some statistics, just for fun:
- amount of messages, words
- top-10 of most active users at the chat
- keywords and flood size (special chat metric)

Inline mode

Bot is available in any chat. You can see what has been discussed in Telegram today. Just start typing @topics_bot... at some chat.

Truly international

Supports 15 languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Polish, Czech, Turkish, Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Japanese, Chinese.

Contact Us

Any feedback is welcome! You can send any ideas, feature requests and found errors to

Help to the project

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